She gave attention especially for the creation of good sound and good intonation, which led to noticeable improvements in the ensemble and increased student motivation after a short time . Empathetic Mrs. Reinboth could adjust to the level of development of each student and work with him the required exercises. Thus, the students received important suggestions .

Dr. Cornelia Toaspern (head of the music-school Bitterfeld)


From the moment it started, this had perfection and presence.

Brigitte Lesne, Discantus (jury comment of International Young Artists Presentation, Antwerp)



You swim in this music like a fish in the water.


Howard Crook (tenor)


While still a student, I received an order for a composition for violin and prepared piano.
The emergence of the composition it has largely managed by with suggestions and recommendations . Here, her eye for detail , their care and their stimulating way , new playing techniques and possible forms of notation had to be developed as well as techniques old and new music to connect and relate to each other very inspiring for me.
My Composition " Rabba in Sard ... " that has emerged from this collaboration , and which is dedicated to her , was in 2008 awarded the first prize in the composition competition of the state capital Stuttgart.

Thuon Burtevitz (composer, Dresden)

It is not easy to interdepartmental working Jacoby, who says of himself, he had no method  as well as complex psychological processes extremely well done and understandable.

Thomas Fleck (concertmaster MDR - Sinfonieorchester Leipzig,
(expertise on thesis "The work Heinrich Jacoby in the reference field of the traditional violin methodology ")

Kerstin Josephine Reinboth                   
Musikerin / Pädagogin



VIOLINstudio Leipzig

  • Violine, Viola, historische Violinen
  • Ensemble-, Chorleitung
  • Musiktheorie, musikalische Grundausbildung

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